Artist, Author & Designer

Creativity is definitely in the soil around the roots of Dave Parker’s family tree. Son of a movie make-up artist , an Oscar nominee brother, other family as artists, designers and architects, including Frank Lyodd Wright, art was in the genes from the start. Born in London on 17th December 1959 he spent most of his childhood and early schooling years transiently as the family followed the vibrant world of filmmaking. Contrary to having a destabilizing effect, the frequent relocations later inspired an ongoing yearn for travel and the free life-style of an artist. With a classic British education behind him, in 1977 he went on to study at the West Sussex school of art and design, where he struggled to find a niche for his multi-directional creative interests. After graduating in 1983 with first honours in product design & graphics and already imbued from an early age with wanderlust, he embarked upon a series of trips to Europe and took up the life long job as a artist.
From the traveling began to emerge a set of detailed illustrated diaries, most notably on Greece & Turkey, the people who saw these evocative journals encouraged him to get them published. Then in December 1987, after years of searching in vain for a publisher¡¦s approval in London, where he had been painting and working as a freelance artist, he decided to take the search elsewhere and set out on a World tour, adding religiously to his library of illustrated diaries and travel portfolios.
Taking in Nepal, Burma, Thailand, New Zealand, he eventually arrived in Hong Kong, a ¡¥must visit¡¦ destination his father had always said¡Khe was right, as Dave was instantly captivated by the vibrant contrasts of the then still British colony. He prolifically set about capturing the essence of the territory in a new journal & collection of mixed medium artworks & photography. At last a forward thinking local publisher saw his potential and in 1989 published his work in a highly acclaimed, racy, vividly illustrated coffee table book called ¡¥A Brush With Hong Kong ¡¥ which earned its place on the bestsellers and collectors list.
Continuing to travel, he discovered the Philippines where he set up studio on the tropical island of Boracay, bought a sailboat and lived ¡¥the artists life¡¦, painting marine life and commuting to Hong kong to work on commercial projects and for exhibitions.
In 1997 he covered the territorial exchange of Hong Kong in a well sponsored, self-published, updated edition of his previous book, with a cd rom and was a featured photographer in a commemorative book on Hong Kong, ¡¥Dawn of a new dynasty¡¦.


After the frenetic involvement of three major projects in six months all culminating with the Hong Kong ¡¥handover¡¦ he took a break to paint in Thailand, returned briefly to Hong Kong and then to the Philippines where he had a new family.
Now with changed circumstances to think about Dave decided to break some new territory where financial reward may be more forthcoming as working in the Philippines had not improved the family fortune. So he traveled East again, to America¡K ¡§I¡¦ve traveled so far East that it¡¦s now West¡¨. He now plans two new book projects, one on California, the other on Las Vegas.?


Dave considers himself an all round arts man & multi-medium expressionist,? extreme Artist & ¡§Artreprenuer¡¨¡¥Extreme¡¦ in that this artist stretches the realms of his subject, painting and drawing underwater as a wreck diver and cave diver under the jungles of Mexico, live TV painting performances, special events art coverage and expedition documentation. The pursuance of his subjects seems to hold no bounds¡Kfrom deep excavation studies to the top of suspension bridges & skyscrapers ¡¥en pleine air¡¦ or ¡¨en pleine eau¡¨ is this artists passion .He does what photojournalists do but with a pen and brush, in all aspects he is an ¡¥out there¡¦ frontline artist.? Finding? artistic diversity a great advantage in today¡¦s harsh commercial and fine art markets, he ties himself to no one style of work, remaining adaptable, varied and experimental, enjoying many mediums in styles from classical, abstract, oriental to¡K
He supports his art and traveling by commissions from private collectors, commercial art projects and by exhibiting and publishing his own work. Particularly interested in wildlife and the environment, he combines realism and abstract painting fusing them into ¡¥Eco-abstract realism¡¦ for future Eco Art projects. He is also an accomplished marine & maritime artist, his technical training gave him a sharp eye for all things mechanical, where he excels at vehicle portraiture.
Notable commissions include; drawing on the film set during the making of ¡¥Indiana Jones & the temple of doom¡¦, Mexican cave diving expedition underwater drawing, the fiftieth anniversary stamps for Cathay Pacific, documenting the 1997 Hong Kong ¡¥handover¡¦ and the Asian Development Bank artist, designer and consultant for the 2002 ¡¥World summit on sustainable environment¡¦. In addition, Dave has designed; shop interiors, clubs, bars, sculptures, buildings, boats, aircraft liveries, customized vehicle artwork and is currently developing a series of new interactive coffee table books.
His inspirations like many fellow artists come from nature but also galleries and TV and is influenced by other artists such as, Leonardo Di Vinci, Paul Guaguin, J. W.Turner¡K
His other interests include, water sports, flying, classic vehicles & music.


Artist statement :
I’m a very lucky man as to be able to see any subject and then translate my observations directly and accurately via a strip of wood sheaved graphite or a stroke or two delivered by hair, water and pigment is something so special, I¡¦m always saying ¡§Thank you¡K¡¨ Nevertheless I realize that with this gift (we ALL have one-aren¡¦t we lucky!) comes responsibility, and even a mission – I believe that there are plenty of issues to deal with here on planet Earth but the mother of all issues is ¡KThe Environment¡Kno environment-no problems-end of story.
So the mission statement is clear in that as a visual Artist I am responsible to convey the beauty and frailty of our surroundings, if I can do this so that just one person through seeing my work decides not to cut that tree down or to spend that extra $ on a biodegradable product then I¡¦m working.¡¨
Aims and Aspirations :
To create a visual and subliminal message through my work to communicate awareness of the finer aspects of our existence in relation to our environment for our future generations & to be known as a colourful and innovative contributor to the international world of art and publishing.